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oDYSSEY cpd 2017/2018

Odyssey Teaching School Alliance is proud to be able to facilitate a wide range of CPD training courses, aimed at the meeting the needs of teachers at all stages of their career. Events range from informal after-school teach-meets through to year-long nationally accredited training programmes. We also offer a number of events and courses for non-teaching staff working within our schools, e.g. HLTAs, TAs, LSAs, bursars and science technicians.


please click below to see the many courses on offer in 2017/2018

Additional courses will be advertised on our website as the year progresses. Alternatively, if you have identified a particular CPD need for yourself or your school and you would like to work with Odyssey to facilitate a bespoke course in the near future , please do contact us on 01242 538276 or email us at We would love to work with you to provide the training that you need.