Within the Odyssey Teaching School Alliance we have a growing number of partnerships developing between schools. As part of the alliance, schools have the opportunity to share development needs and establish new partnerships to help support school improvement. Schools within our alliance have considerable experience of providing school-school support over the short, medium and longer term. We always welcome contact from schools outside our alliance who would like to explore the possibility of working collaboratively to raise standards and facilitate improvement. At the moment we are actively involved in medium-long term school improvement projects in 4 different schools across Gloucestershire - 2 primary and 2 secondary.

Odyssey TSA Specialist Leaders of Education Vision Statement (SLE)

•To proactively seek opportunities to work alongside and empower leaders in other settings, using our expertise to identify ways to develop capacity and improve outcome for young people in a variety of contexts. Providing a fresh pair of eyes, we aim to use a combination of coaching, mentoring, modelling, training and facilitating, adapting our style and approach depending on the context.
•To evaluate the effectiveness of our support, sharing practice and experiences in order to develop our own expertise and promote excellence.

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Please do email info@odysseyts.org if you would be interested in working with our team.

The Odyssey School Improvement Team, with whom we have been working since January, are absolutely superb and worth every penny.

Last night the team delivered a twilight INSET on engagement, led by Rachel Thorpe. Not only was it delivered with pace and style but the organisation, attention to detail and buy-in from every member of our staff was inspiring. Quite simply - they are doing an excellent job. 

The school is receiving a high level of good quality support from the Gloucestershire Learning Alliance (GLA). By providing specialist support and guidance on staffing issues and pupil tracking systems, a clearer picture for the future has emerged for the headteacher and governors. Visits by staff to other schools within the GLA have resulted in positive changes to the way that teachers plan their lessons and provide feedback to their pupils. A National Leader in Learning (NLE) from Rowanfield Junior School, which is part of the GLA, is working closely with the headteacher and providing regular, high quality, support.